We’re a crack team of software developers and development managers based in Melbourne, Australia that form the research-and-development arm of Adnuntius.

We’re the technical brains behind Adnuntius, a ridiculously fast advertising platform that manages over 20,000 transactions per second from all around the world.

Our specialities:

Super Speedy Transactions
We run applications that can handle over 20,000 transactions per second. Imagine 20,000 people each trying to access a document on your computer at the same time: that’s what we get computers to handle every second!

Direct Data Science
We can find the insights in your data by extracting out the useless ephemera. We won’t waste your time with spurious connections between random data.

Rapid, Streamlined Development and Deployment
You’ve got a bug that needs fixing quickly? We can have any fixes released into the wild in less than half an hour. We make computers verify the work we do so that we can confidently release new code quickly and fearlessly.

Speedy, Silky and Smooth User Interfaces
We make applications look and feel silky, with minimal lag between intuitive interactions.

Effective Project Management and Business Analysis
We’re into software but we don’t fit the anti-social stereotype: we can talk and think and re-conceptualise your business requirements based on the technology options. We specialise in being technology partners, able to articulate how meeting your business requirements can be made into a service that’s delivered efficiently, collaboratively and iteratively.