Tech Specs

Are you a software developer? This page is for you.

We’re do research and development without any super-strong allegiances to any particular piece of technology.

Currently, we use the following technology for the Adnuntius products we’ve developed and maintain:

  • Java for application development
  • R for data analysis
  • Scala for functional programming within the Java ecosystem
  • Python for quick tooling, scripting and testing
  • Elasticsearch for silky search
  • Kafka for messaging
  • Cassandra for distributed data storage
  • PostgreSQL for relational databases
  • jOOQ for talking with databases in Java
  • Gradle for builds
  • Guice for dependency injection
  • React, AngularJS and Angular 2+ for modern application interfaces
  • Sass for speedier CSS development
  • Node.js, npm, webpack, yarn and gulp for managing UI projects and resources
  • Consul for configuration management and service discovery
  • Prometheus for gathering, storing and alerting upon application metrics
  • Grafana for monitoring and visualisation of system performance
  • HAProxy for load balancing
  • Nginx for web serving and reverse proxying
  • Ansible for automation, machine management and deployments
  • Linux for hosting, development, everything!
  • Git for version control
  • GitLab for continuous integration and code review

About the only two things we’re religious about is Git (or any other distributed version control) and GitLab (or any other continuous integration system).

We’re a pragmatic bunch mostly interested in results. Our software developers think about the business requirements when creating technical solutions, even adapting the business requirements to match the capabilities of the technology options.

We’re so pragmatic we’ll even use PHP and MySQL to run this website!